Ukraine U-21 National Team Discovers Euro-2023 Semifinal Opponent: Rotania Squad to Encounter Déjà vu

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The Spanish U-21 team emerged victorious in the quarter-finals of Euro 2023, defeating their Swiss counterparts with a score of 2-1. Juan Miranda scored the winning goal in the 103rd minute of extra time. Sergio Gomez was instrumental in the victory, scoring the first goal for Spain. The team now advances to the semi-finals, where they will face the winner of the match between France U-21 and Ukraine U-21. The match is scheduled for Sunday, July 2. Spain previously faced Ukraine in the group stage, resulting in a 2-2 draw.

On Saturday, July 1, the Spanish U-21 team defeated their peers from Switzerland (2: 1) as part of the 1/4 finals of Euro 2023. Juan Miranda became the author of the winning year.

The Spanish U-21 team beat their Swiss counterparts in the quarter-finals of Euro 2023.

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In the first half of the match, Sergio Gomez had the most realistic chance to score. In the 39th minute, the player took the ball inside the opponent’s penalty area and shot towards the corner of the goal, but one of the defenders took the hit.

Sergio Gomez and John Pacheco against Switzerland. Photo: UEFA

In the second half, Gomez still got his way. Abel Ruiz brought his partner into a striking position in the opposition penalty area, and he did not disappoint. Gomez managed to shoot right into the corner of the goal in touch.

In the 83rd minute of the match, the same Gomez had the opportunity to double Spain’s goal. He took a dangerous free-kick from close range, but the goalkeeper made a good save.

In the 90th+1st minute, Switzerland leveled the match thanks to Zeki Amdouni’s goal. The footballer in the opponent’s penalty area received a pass from Julian Fonmos and shot straight into the corner of the goal.

In extra time, Juan Miranda pulled off the win for Spain. In the 103rd minute, he shot from an average distance to the goal, and thanks to a bounce that confused the goalkeeper, the ball flew into the net.

  • Therefore, 2:1. Spain reached the semi-finals of the Euro 2023 youth tournament. There the team is waiting for the winner of the pair France U-21 – Ukraine U-21. The match will take place on Sunday, July 2. The game will start at 22:00;
  • Note that Ukraine and Spain have already met at this tournament in the third round of the group stage. Then Ruslan Rotan’s ward drew the world match with the opponent (2:2).

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