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Without a doubt, this is the most frequently asked question recently by our compatriots as beginners in the world of online gambling related to long-established bookmakers.

That’s why I decided to write a short article to clear any doubts about the legality of bet365.

At the same time, I must state at the outset that all other information provided about the bookmaker (the process of opening a user account, bonuses, etc.) is only based on my personal experience and my own subjective opinion.

Bet365 Bangladesh

Is bet365 legal in Bangladesh?

This question, as an experienced network player, I can answer in one sentence, my answer is yes! Of course, I am well aware that the Bangladesh state (government) has been trying to convince people to the contrary for many years.

It uses all available tools to do this, including state-controlled online media.

The goal is to drive foreign-operated online gambling providers out of the Hungarian market, and in various ways to prevent Bangladeshi players from trying their luck elsewhere than with state-owned “companies”.

All these efforts – online sports betting providers, casinos, etc. – Including blocking its web pages, in complete violation of ASEAN’s free market norms.

By the way, Unibet, one of the biggest market players, also took the matter to court, and of course they won! If you don’t believe me, you can check it yourself.

In short, if you decide to play at bet365, you don’t have to be afraid of any kind of rebuttal. After all, this bookmaker operates within a completely legal framework and has all the licenses and certificates authorizing it to offer online gambling services in ASEAN member states, including ours.

Can I open a bet365 account in Bangladesh?

Well, this is also a very common but at the same time critical question that many people will definitely ask, knowing that many service providers have websites that are often (illegally) blocked in Bangladesh. In this case, for example, the so-called “Bet365 Alternative Link” comes in handy, through which one can access a given platform and complete the registration, after which all functions and services are available. I myself registered on the bet365 website via such a special link. Therefore, if you decide to open an account with bet365, I would be happy to recommend this method to you.

What other regions can bet365 play in?

Apart from ASEAN, bet365 platforms are of course also available from other regions. Thanks to this, if you are outside the Old World, you can still use the bookmaker’s services in many places. I’ll cover these areas below.

bet365 is one of the few international bookmakers with a special license in Australia and can also include Australian sports in their betting offers. In Oceania, bet365 also operates legally in the following countries: New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, French Polynesia, Samoa.

Asian countries
bet365 is legal in most countries in Asia so its offers and services are guaranteed to those who live/reside in these countries. As far as I know, using a service provider in China can be problematic, and even cold for a long time if you are unlucky. In the case of the Philippines, as far as I know, operators are not allowed to offer gambling services due to current legislation. Therefore, players who live there should choose other bookmakers.

Africa country
As far as I know, bet365 has “established a foothold” in most African countries, so its services have been available to people living in the black continent for some time now. However, some countries are exceptions, so their residents cannot use the services of bookmakers.

People residing in the northern part of the American continent (i.e. the US) are not allowed to open an account with bet365 (this applies to all US states). In most South American countries, residents have access to the services offered by bet365. However, as far as I know, bet365 is considered illegal in Venezuela and French Guiana (an overseas territory of the French Republic).

I am not responsible for the future relevance of the information in this part of the article, as certain countries may remove restrictions on operators or take measures of the opposite nature at any time. Of course, bet365 may also decide at any time not to offer services in a particular country and vice versa.

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