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The analysis of the last duels between Corinthians x Atlético-GO in Itaquera

The Copa do Brasil is in its quarterfinal stage, and one of the clashes is the duel between Corinthians and Atlético-GO. In the first leg, in Goiânia, they defeated Dragão by 2-0, with goals from Jorginho and Léo Pereira.

The return duel is scheduled for the next 17th, at 9:30 pm, Brasilia time, at the Neo Química Arena. Timão needs to win by three goals to advance, while Goias can lose by one.

In the event of a two-goal victory for the team from São Paulo, the decision will be on penalties, regardless of the score, since under the rule of the Copa do Brasil there is no longer an away goal advantage.

However, the confrontation between Corinthians x Atlético-GO has a taboo, precisely in Itaquera. Timão never beat the Dragon in their Arena. Worse: he didn’t score a single goal against his opponent playing in his new stadium.

Atlético-GO in Itaquera: an indigestible visitor

Atlético-GO has been causing a lot of headaches for Corinthians fans. The team is always up to no good when they play in Itaquera, at the Neo Química Arena. To advance in the Copa do Brasil, Corinthians need to break two taboos at once: scoring goals and winning.

Remember all the clashes between Corinthians x Atlético-GO in Itaquera!

Brazilian Championship 2017

Atlético-GO’s first visit to Itaquera was in 2017, for the Brazilian Championship. Timão had names like Maycon, Rodriguinho and Jadson, but Dragão won 1-0, with a goal by defender Gilvan at the beginning of the second half.

Brazilian Championship 2020

In the second duel between the teams at Neo Química Arena, in 2020, the confrontation ended in a goalless draw. However, what draws attention is that Atlético-GO, then owned by Vagner Mancini, made 18 shots in the match, a great volume away from home.

Brazilian Championship 2021

In 2021, again for Brasileirão, Atlético-GO got the better of it and won 1-0, with a goal by Zé Roberto at the end of the first half.

Corinthians had the chance to draw with Mateus Vital, from the penalty spot, but Fernando Miguel saved it.

Brazil Cup 2021

The last time Atlético-GO went to Itaquera was precisely in the Copa do Brasil last season. With goals from Ronald and João Paulo, still in the first half, the team won by 2 to 0. Fagner was still expelled in the second stage.

Subsequently, the Dragon held the 0-0 at home and advanced.

How do the teams arrive?

Corinthians arrives at a troubled moment. Despite fighting for the top positions in the Brazilian Championship, it does not come from good performances. Therefore, for the fans, the best chance of winning the title is in the Copa do Brasil, but for that it is necessary to reverse the disadvantage and advance to the next stage.

On the other hand, Atlético-GO is experiencing an opposite moment. The team has been doing well in the Cups, with smart games at home and away from home, reaching even further than expected. However, in the Brazilian Championship the situation is critical. The team is fighting against relegation.

Therefore, advancing in the Copa do Brasil is essential for the season for both teams, and could be the salvation of the season. The prize is millionaire, a welcome value for the coffer of any club.

Odds for the match

Bookmakers already have the pre-game odds set for the duel between Corinthians x Atlético-GO, in Itaquera. Despite the retrospective, the favoritism is Timão, who is very strong playing alongside his fans.

The team win has odds @1.53. This means that by betting BRL 100 you can have a gross return of BRL 153, in case of victory. The Dragon is priced at @6.60, resulting in a gross return of R$660 betting the same amount. For a draw, the odds are @4.10.

For those who trust Corinthians’ standings in normal time, the -2 handicap is priced at @4.85. In this option, Timão needs to win the match by three goals apart, exactly the amount needed to advance. On the other hand, the +2 Atlético Goianiense handicap, which allows Dragão to lose by a goal difference, is priced at @1.55.

It is worth mentioning that the bets are only for the second game, therefore, they do not take into account the result of the first leg.

There is still the market of those who qualify. This obviously takes into account the sum of the two games and, if necessary, penalties. Atlético-GO is the favorite, as it has a good advantage. The Dragon is priced at @1.35, against Timão’s @3.25.

Tips for Corinthians vs Atlético-GO

At home, despite the retrospect, Corinthians are very strong. Thus, entering the team’s victory is a good option and the odds are very interesting.

With this, Timão’s triumph is a recommended bet, even if in the end it is not enough to advance.

As the home team needs to go up and, consequently, will leave spaces for the counterattack, the tendency is for a very lively confrontation.

Based on this line of reasoning, the option above 1.5 goals in the match appears as another good entry.

The combination of Corinthians victory + more than 1.5 goals allows a return quote of @1.93, a considerable value and with a good probability of success. By placing BRL 200 on the bet, the possible gross return is BRL 386, with BRL 186 net.

How to bet?

Betting on the confrontation between Corinthians x Atlético-GO, in Itaquera, or on any other game or modality is very simple. You just need to be of legal age and create an account at a regular bookmaker, who works within the law with its licenses and active regulations.

After choosing yours, just register and add balance. Each company offers its payment methods, the most common are Pix, bank slip, bank transfer and virtual wallets.

With the balance in your account, analyze the clashes well, assemble your ticket carefully, check that it is correct and confirm. After that, just twist. Always gamble responsibly and in moderation.

The analysis of the last duels between Corinthians x Atlético-GO in Itaquera