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Prediction Fortaleza x Palestino: Leão wants to debut well in the competition

Check the prediction and guess Fortress x Palestiniana match valid for the debut of the two teams in the Copa Sudamericana. The duel takes place this Wednesday night, at 7 pm (Brasília time), at the Castelão Arena. The two teams are in group H of the international competition.


  • 1 Three best bets for Fortaleza vs Palestino prediction
    • 1.1 More than 2.5 goals in the game
    • 1.2 Both teams to score: no
    • 1.3 Thiago Galhardo scores anytime
  • two Fortress information
  • 3 Palestinian information
  • 4 Transmission of the game Fortaleza vs Palestino: where to watch it live
  • 5 Technical data sheet for the prediction Fortaleza vs Palestino

Three best bets for Fortaleza vs Palestino prediction

More than 2.5 goals in the game

The confrontation between the two teams will be the first in history in this way. This is because the two teams do not have a great history of participation in international competitions, even though the visiting team is a little better known in these competitions, even more so because the Brazilian team plays its second competition. The first was in 2020, against the students of Argentina and ended up being eliminated by the away goal by winning 2-1 at home and losing 1-0 away. However, the situation is different and so is the opponent, even more so because the Brazilians play very well at home and with the support of their fans they tend to get a result without scares, based on the level of the opponent.

Both teams to score: no

Fortaleza has a strong defensive power and also has the support of midfielders when pressured. Furthermore, the tendency is to play in a closed and objective way. Therefore, it tends to be able to hold the opposing pressure. In addition, of the 13 matches that the team played at home this year, the Lion won eight of them without conceding a goal. Therefore, he has a great chance of repeating the feat in Wednesday’s duel.

Thiago Galhardo scores anytime

The player has scored eight goals so far in 21 matches with the shirt of Strength. athlete is one of the ones who is most activated by the midfield of the Brazilian team. In this way, they have a high probability of scoring a goal at any time. Even more so that the opponent suffers defensively. That’s because, he has 14 goals conceded in just nine games in the Chilean Championship.

Fortress information

Finalist of the Cearense Championship, the Strength is a team that has been constantly structuring itself in Brazilian football. The team so far has played 22 games where they left the field in 14 of them, in addition to two draws and six defeats. The team’s attack is also very strong and has scored 45 times, conceding only 17 times. In addition the trainer Juan Pablo Vojvoda pointed out the importance of balancing the tournaments, even knowing the importance of the Sudamericana. The team is motivated after beating the rival Cearáin the first leg of the Cearense final.

Palestinian information

In turn, the Palestinian comes to Brazil thinking first of being able to hold back the strong attack of the Brazilian team. Since the club has been suffering with goals conceded (there are 14 in 9 games). On the other hand, he is also motivated, since he won the Magallanes in the Chilean Championship by the score of 3 x 2.

Transmission of the game Fortaleza vs Palestino: where to watch live

The confrontation between Fortress x Palestinian, which will take place this Wednesday night, in Castelão, at 7 pm (Brasília time). Will have the transmission of Paramount+ | Peak Streaming.

Guess Technical Sheet Fortress x Palestinian

Fortress x Palestinian
Time19:00 (Brasília time)
LocalCastelao Arena

Prediction Fortaleza x Palestino: Leão wants to debut well in the competition