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Bolívar vs Palmeiras prediction: Brazilian club wants to debut with victory

Check prediction and prediction Bolivar vs Palmeirasgame valid for the 1st round of Liberators cup. Departure takes place this Wednesday (5), at 21:30 (Brasília time). The teams are in Group C and the confrontation will be at the Hernando Siles Stadium.


  • 1 Three best bets for Bolivar vs Palmeiras prediction
    • 1.1 victory of palm trees
    • 1.2 Both teams to score: yes
    • 1.3 Total goals: more than 2.5
  • two Bolivar information
  • 3 Information about Palmeiras
  • 4 Bolívar vs Palmeiras game broadcast: where to watch it live
  • 5 Here’s a technical tip for Bolivar vs Palmeiras

Three best bets for Bolivar vs Palmeiras prediction

victory of palm trees

In Group C, the palm trees comes as the favorite. That’s because the team won the Brazilian championship last year and makes an excellent Paulista championship. With great dominance, the team has not yet been defeated in 2023. bolivar it doesn’t have such a different beginning. However, of the six games he has played in the Bolivian Championshipthe team suffered a defeat.

Thus, there is not a big difference between the clubs. But the palm trees has more clashes in the season, where he managed to adjust where he needed to. While the Bolivian team is only at the beginning and may not have had time to deal with all its flaws yet. In this way, we understand that even in the opponent’s house, the alviverde get the victory.

Both teams to score: yes

O bolivar got off to a great start Bolivian Championship, where he has already scored 17 goals in six matches. While his defense was only leaked five times. On the other hand, the palm trees has 24 goals scored in 15 games, with only eight conceded.

With that, both teams show that they have very offensive attacks. However, they manage to defend themselves well and prevent opponents’ goals. But when facing each other, the two defensive systems must have more work and may not be able to hold the opponent’s attackers.

Total goals: more than 2.5

Finally, with both teams scoring, the match should reach three goals. The average of the clubs’ total goals in a game corroborates this guess. O bolivar has an average of 3.6 total goals, while the palm trees stick with 2.1. Taking the average of the two teams together, the number of goals in the match is 2.5. Thus, we understand that there is a high probability of this duel ending with three or more goals.

Bolivar information

O bolivar started the year very well Bolivian Championship. In six rounds, the team won five games and lost only one, to The Strongestby 3 x 2. In addition, it has the best attack, with 17 goals scored, and the 2nd best defense, five goals conceded.

There was a long period of rest and preparation for the Liberators cup, as their last match was on March 12th. In this way, there are no embezzlements for the team and the starting players should not change.

Information about Palmeiras

O palm trees runs an excellent campaign Paulista championship. In the 1st phase, it ended with the highest number of points and was the only club that did not suffer any defeat. In the quarterfinals and semifinals, he went through St Bernard It is Ituano. Now face the holy water in the final of the competition. In addition, it already has a title in 2023, the Brazilian Super Cupwhere he won the Flamengo.

The only failure so far is Bruno Tabata, who is injured. However, he makes the first match of the final of the Paulistan this Sunday. So, with little preparation time, it should just keep the starting lineup until then.

game broadcast Bolivar vs Palmeiras: where to watch live

Look where to watch Bolivar vs Palmeirasclubs from Group C, who face each other this Wednesday (5), at 21h (Brasília time), for Liberators cup. The game will be broadcast live on closed TV channel, ESPNand on the streaming service, Star+.

Here’s a technical tip for Bolivar vs Palmeiras

Bolivar vs Palmeiras
Time:21:30 (Brasília time)
Stadium:Hernando Siles Stadium
Where to watch:ESPN and Star+
Competition:Liberators cup
Bolívar vs Palmeiras prediction: Brazilian club wants to debut with victory