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Will Verstappen be a double champion in Singapore?

After the tour in Europe, Formula 1 arrives in Singapore with the Max Verstappen’s first opportunity to confirm his second championship. The Red Bull driver has a 116-point lead in the standings.

It is almost unanimous that the Dutchman will be the champion, this time with less controversy and difficulty than in the dispute with Hamilton in 2021. It remains to be seen when he will be crowned mathematically.

When looking at the possible scenarios, it is clear that it will not be an easy task to win in Singapore. Despite this, Verstappen is living a magical phase and it is not advisable to doubt his ability to shock the world.

Verstappen’s title chances at Singapore GP

With 164 points to be disputed, Verstappen is 116 ahead of Leclerc. It’s a solid difference, but the math isn’t quite as straightforward to confirm the title in Singapore.

That’s because the Ferrari driver needs to perform very poorly. In other words, it is possible that the Red Bull driver will leave the competition well under way, but he will have to wait for the double champion cry for the Japanese GP.

Discover the possible scenarios for the Singapore GP:

  • Max Verstappen in 1st Place: needs Leclerc to finish 9th or worse and Sergio Pérez 4th or worse without a fast lap;
  • Max Verstappen in 1st Place + Fast Lap: needs Leclerc to finish 8th or lower and Sergio Pérez 4th or lower;
  • Max Verstappen in 2nd Place or below: the championship does not end mathematically and Leclerc continues with chances for the next stage, in Japan.

Therefore, Verstappen needs to confirm his favoritism in Singapore and hope for an incident with Leclerc, whether due to retirement or strategy failure.

Red Bull driver is favorite in the race

Bookmaker odds make it clear that Verstappen is the man to beat in F1 2022. At Betano, your odds for winning are 1.50.

With all the unpredictability of the category, which can have a rearrangement of forces depending on the circuit, we can consider a very low quote. At the same time, it’s fair for everything Verstappen has been doing.

A big factor is that even a poor grid position does not detract from Red Bull’s chances. In Belgium, for example, the Dutchman changed components in the car and left in 13th. Even so, he climbed through the peloton and ended with the victory.

Therefore, despite not having a high profit margin, Verstappen’s victory is likelyalthough the championship will remain alive until the next race in Japan.

Impressive winning streak

At the time, Verstappen has five straight Formula 1 wins. He reached 31 triumphs in the category and tied with the legend Nigel Mansell, champion in 1992.

Seventh on the overall list, the Dutchman could tie with Fernando Alonso (32 wins) in Singapore. Despite still being active in the category, the Spaniard is far from fighting for victories.

It seems a matter of time for the Red Bull pupil to overtake Senna (41), Prost (51) and Vettel (53) and reach third place overall. Whether he will have the stamina to catch up with Hamilton (103) and Schumacher (91), only time will tell.

Since 2015 in F1, Verstappen never managed a victory in Singaporeso the next race could also mark his debut on the top step of the podium in Marina Bay.

Verstappen’s main opponents in the next GP

Max Verstappen (1.50) is the big favorite to win the Singapore GP. Despite being the most logical result, he has some important opponents in Marina Bay.

See which other drivers can win the race and spoil the Dutch party!

  • Charles Leclerc (4.80): vice-leader of the championship, still has mathematical chances and needs to be eighth to avoid the anticipated title. He suffered from Ferrari’s strategy problems, but has the most poles in the season and has a chance to beat Verstappen.
  • Lewis Hamilton (11.25): the seven-time world champion is still looking for his first victory of the season, but it is unlikely under normal conditions. Mercedes has improved but is not at the same pace as Verstappen and needs a new suit to win.
  • Carlos Sainz Jr (11.50): Leclerc’s teammate at Ferrari, he got his first victory of the season, but is not in his best phase. Due to the strength of the car, it can pinch a good position, but it only wins with some incident.

George Russell (16.00) and Sergio Perez (17.00) complete the list of drivers in the “Big Three”. The Briton amended two podiums in a row and still wants his first victory in F1.

The Mexican, on the other hand, is going through a bad moment and does not seem to have the strength to challenge Verstappen’s dominance, unlike what happened at the beginning of the season.

Other factors to pay attention to

In addition to fighting for victory and the possibility of Verstappen’s title, the Singapore GP also has other attractions for the next edition. Check out some stats about the Marina Bay race!

  • Sebastian Vettel is the biggest winner of the Singapore GP (5). This year, he makes his farewell to the circuit, as he announced his retirement from F1 at the end of 2022.
  • In addition to Vettel, Hamilton and Alonso have already crossed the line in first place in this GP. The Alpine driver is having a good season and has chances to “break” the top 6.
  • Since the addition to the calendar in 2008, the Singapore GP had the safety car entry in all editions. In all, there were 19 entries until 2019, in the last edition.
  • One of these safety car entries was very controversial. In 2008, Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed on purpose to favor teammate Fernando Alonso, who won the race.

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Will Verstappen be a double champion in Singapore?