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What will be the next goalkeeper goal in the Brasileirão?

The most emotional moment in football is the goal, which is the objective of all players. However, a specific position focuses on avoiding him, the goalkeepers, but even some glove athletes seek to swing the opposing nets.

There are three traditional situations for this. The first is despair, with the team losing and the clock ticking the last few minutes of the game. When this fact occurs and there is a dead ball, the whole team goes to the opposing area, including the goalkeeper, trying to head the goal.

The other two situations are more common, which are dead balls, with goalkeepers practicing fouls and penalties to take during the game. But after all, who will be the next goalkeeper to score in the Brasileirão? The task is not easy.

The last goal of the goalkeeper in the Brasileirão

The last goal scored by a goalkeeper in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A was in 2018, more precisely on September 5 of that year. On the occasion, goalkeeper Éverson, then in Ceará, scored the first goal of the match against Corinthians, which ended 2-1 for Vozão.

After a foul in the half moon of the area, the player decided to take a firm kick, high up, with no chance for Walter. That was Everson’s first and only career goal. He defended Santos in 2019 and has been at Atlético Mineiro since 2020, but at both clubs he did not become a free kick and penalty taker.

Top scorers in lower divisions

A goalkeeper goal in Brazil is increasingly rare, but in Série C this happened a few times in 2022, thanks to two athletes, Wilson and Fábio Rampi, official penalty takers in Figueirense and São José, respectively.

At the age of 38, Wilson is an experienced and well-rounded goalkeeper, known in Brazilian football mainly for his history defending Coritiba for years. The player scored five goals in the Campeonato Brasileiro Série C in 2022, but failed to take Figueirense to accession.

Fellow Fábio Rampi scored twice, but the curious thing is that it was in the same game, against Paysandu. The goals gave three key points to his team, which ensured their permanence in Série C. In addition, it is worth mentioning that Fábio already has historic goals for the club, as in the access game against Linense in 2018.

Another division that featured a goalkeeper goal in 2022 was the Campeonato Brasileiro Série B. On the occasion, CRB beat Grêmio with two goals from goalkeeper Diogo Silva taking penalties. They were the player’s first goals in normal time, but he had already scored five in career penalty shootouts, but the numbers are not counted.

Upside down too

How many times have you not seen a goalkeeper go into the area in the final minutes? However, it is very rare for the bid to result in a goal for the number 1, but when it does, it becomes something historic.

In a game valid for the Copa Paulista this year, veteran goalkeeper Oliveira, 40 years old, went through the experience of being the hero of the match by scoring the net. The game was between Desportivo Brasil and Primavera, and DB, Oliveira’s team, was losing 1-0 at home.

goalkeeper goal at base

In the youth categories, there was also a goal by a goalkeeper that recently caused something to talk about, mainly due to the whole context. The situation happened at CT de Cotia, with a player from São Paulo, a club where the greatest goalkeeper in history defended for life.

The emblematic move took place with goalkeeper Leandro, a player for the under-20 team at Tricolor Paulista. At just 17 years old, he always practices free kicks, but had not been able to score goals during games.

However, against Penapolense, in the Campeonato Paulista Sub-20, the player managed a beautiful free-kick, which even reminded a lot of Ceni’s style, but with his left leg. The ball died in the back of the net and opened the scoring of the duel that ended in 6 to 0.

Top scorer goalkeepers in Brazil

The greatest goalkeeper in the history of football is Rogério Ceni. A former player for São Paulo and the Brazilian national team, the current coach of Tricolor Paulista scored 131 goals in his career, 61 of which were free kicks, 69 penalties and one considered a rolling ball, as it was a rehearsed move. In addition, there were several goals from penalties in disputes, but these are not counted.

Among the Brazilians, the closest was former Atlético Goianiense player Márcio. The player ended his career with 40 goals. Still active, Fábio Rampi, from São José, is third on the list with 29 balls in the net. Still active and aged 33, he has firewood to burn and can try to improve the brand in the coming years.

Wilson, 38 years old, who is also active, scored 19 goals and is already on his way to retirement in the coming years, so he should not gain more positions in the ranking.

Is it possible to have a goalkeeper goal in the Brasileirão? How to bet?

We have already learned that in football anything is possible, including a goal by a goalkeeper. However, mainly in Serie A we don’t have any athlete in the position in charge of free kicks at set pieces at the moment, which makes it difficult to predict.

In this way, it is possible that it will happen, but it is practically impossible to predict something like that, as it was when we had Rogério Ceni on the field. For the daring, a bet on a goalkeeper’s goal always offers high odds, as the probability of doing so is small.

To bet, you just need to be of legal age and choose one of the many legal bookmakers available. Create your account, top up your balance and that’s it, you can enjoy all types of bets available, including goal scorers in matches.

What will be the next goalkeeper goal in the Brasileirão?