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What happened to “Dinizismo”? Flu accumulates consecutive defeats

Fluminense is one of the big surprises of the Brasileirão 2022. After the arrival of Fernando Diniz, the team grew in production and became a candidate for the title. Meanwhile, the coach has been highly praised and even appears as an option for the Brazilian national team.

However, in the last games, the team found many difficulties. If before he tried to chase the leader Palmeiras, now he sees the opponents for the vacancy in Libertadores approaching. Is Fernando Diniz to blame for the latest results?

Fluminense loses three in a row and leaves the G4

After the rout against Juventude, at Maracanã, Fluminense ended the 28th round in second place in the Brasileirão 2022. At that moment, they were nine points behind Palmeiras and still had title hopes.

Only, in the following rounds, the team suffered a real blackout. There were three defeats in a row, which took the team out of the G4. The worst of them was against América-MG, at home. A 2-0 and unrecognizable performance by Tricolor.

Earlier, the team also disappointed by suffering an incredible comeback against Atlético-GO, a team that is in the relegation zone. The 2-0 created in the first half turned into a 3-2 for the Dragon.

More than the results, the bad performance of the team at certain times put a flea behind the ear.

On other occasions, “Dinizismo” also suffered in the final stretch of the Brasileirão, so there is a “ghost” in the minds of the tricolors for the final rounds of the competition.

Major losses in the squad

Two key starters left the club in the last transfer window. Sold since January, Luiz Henrique said goodbye and went to Betis, from Spain. He had a great time playing as a winger in Fernando Diniz’s scheme.

After that, at the end of August, Nonato was sold to Ludogorets. The steering wheel was borrowed by Internacional and received a proposal above Tricolor’s financial capacity. Thus, he had no way to compete with the Bulgarian club.

With that, two important players left at an essential moment of the season. This was missed against Corinthians, in the Copa do Brasil, but also in some matches of the Brasileirão.

Matheus Martins and Martinelli were the options to replace them, but they still haven’t managed to perform with the same quality as their predecessors.

Crowd irritation with lineup

Although the fans are satisfied with the tricolor campaign in the Brasileirão, some of Fernando Diniz’s insistences are highly criticized. One of them is with Caio Paulista on the left side.

A striker of origin, he fit into the position at the start, but has fallen out of production in the last few games. Cristiano entered well and was praised, but soon lost the title to his partner again.

Nathan’s participation is also a request from the tricolors, as it ensures greater exchange of passes and creation of plays in midfield. But, on many occasions, Diniz prefers to use Matheus Martins, who plays wide open.

Club lost long unbeaten home run against America

Before the weak performance against América-MG, Fluminense had a sequence of 12 matches without defeat at home. During the period, he achieved important results in the Brasileirão and in the Copa do Brasil.

With a style of play that prioritizes possession of the ball, Diniz’s team takes advantage of the opponents’ more defensive formation to press and create goal chances. With Cano’s magnificent season, naturally the results come.

It is worth mentioning that, even with the defeat against the team from Minas Gerais, Flu continues with a great campaign at home. That way, when they face Botafogo in the Clássico Vovô, the tendency is to arrive as a favorite, at least in the bookmakers.

Chances of vacancy in Libertadores remain high

Despite having dreamed of the title at some point, the main objective has always been a place in Libertadores. Preferably in the group stage, so as not to risk being eliminated earlier, as happened in 2022.

In this context, Fluminense is close to hitting the target. According to the website Infobola, by mathematician Tristão Garcia, the chances of finishing in the G6 are at 83%. With the results of the World Cups, it is very likely that the first six will get a direct vacancy.

The same goes for bookmakers. Bet365 has odds of 1,071 for Fluminense to remain in the top six. It is a low number with little value, which exemplifies the good position of Diniz’s team in the competition.

The key will be to achieve good results in the next games. Against Avai, for example, Tricolor will face the penultimate placed and that comes from four consecutive defeats. It’s an excellent game to start a new sprint.

Favorite also for vacancy in G4

When we talk about G4, the probability drops to 41%. However, betting sites see the tricolor situation with greater optimism.

At bet365, Flu has odds of 1.72 to finish in the top 4. It is a lower quote than Corinthians (1.80), which has a 72% chance on Infobola.

Timão is involved in the Copa do Brasil finals and, in the next round, can choose an alternative team. The game is against Goiás, away from home. If he leaves points on the way, he can be overtaken again by Fluminense, due to the number of victories.

The two teams, who met in the semifinals of the Copa do Brasil, still have a direct confrontation for the Brasileirão.

It will be in the 34th round, at Arena Corinthians. The advantage belongs to Timão, who won the last match 3-0, but Fluminense has the capacity to play a tough game.

After all, did “Dinizismo” reach the limit?

It’s still too early to say that. It is normal for a team to go through a bad sequence in the Brasileirão and, previously, Fluminense always maintained a good consistency.

It is true that Fernando Diniz encountered difficulties in the final stretch of other seasons, but it is not possible to say that this will happen again.

The next two games, against Avaí (away) and Botafogo (home), will dictate the course of Tricolor. If it achieves good results, it practically confirms the direct vacancy in Libertadores.

Otherwise, a repeat of what happened in 2005 will live even more in the minds of Fluminense fans.

What happened to “Dinizismo”? Flu accumulates consecutive defeats