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Stodgy! Palmeiras can be the best visitor to the race points

Palmeiras is very close to winning the 2022 Brazilian Championship. However, the feat could be even more marked in history, as Alviverde has the chance to become the best visitor in the consecutive points.

Check below the campaign numbers and what is missing for the São Paulo club to achieve the feat.

Palmeiras undefeated away from home

Palmeiras’ campaign away from home in the Brasileirão 2022 is impressive. The club is undefeated even having played 16 times as a visitor in the competition.

In total, Alviverde won nine wins and seven draws, and has 34 points. Such an extraordinary performance that it has already become the club’s best campaign away from home in a Brazilian Championship of consecutive points with 20 clubs. After all, it has already equaled the same 34 points as in 2016.

Now, Palmeiras is looking for two feats. The first is to maintain the invincibility and be the first to achieve this in the national championship. The second is to carry out the best visitor campaign in the competition.

For that, Abel Ferreira’s team has to add six more points, that is, win two of the three remaining games. That’s because Fluminense reached 39 points in 2012, when it averaged 68.4%.

On this path, the team has to go through Flamengo’s 2019 campaign. Rubro-negro has become a great rival of Alviverde in recent years and surpassing this performance will certainly be more celebrated.

The task is easier, as the club from Rio at the time reached 37 points, which means just three more than Palmeiras already reached.

Before that, they still have to pass São Paulo, which is the 3rd best, with 35 points.

low risk campaign

In addition to not having lost, Palmeiras is campaigning away from home with few risks. After all, in the last five matches, the club tied three, but only in one did they start behind on the scoreboard.

The most difficult game was against Red Bull Bragantino, when Abel Ferreira’s team saw the opponent score 2-0 and had to chase the score. Even so, Palmeiras reached the tie in the 28th minute of the second half.

Of the other four draws throughout the campaign away from home, only in two more opportunities did the team from São Paulo stay behind on the scoreboard.

Against Avaí, when the team from Santa Catarina opened 1-0 and Palmeiras sought the turnaround before taking the tie 2-2. And the most dramatic of all, against Goiás still in the 2nd round of the competition. At the time, Abel Ferreira’s team only managed to seek a tie in stoppage time.

Undefeated and very close record

The fact is that even if they don’t reach the best campaign as a visitor, Palmeiras should at least equal another record.

That’s because as Alviverde is undefeated away from home in the competition, Abel Ferreira’s team has everything to be the club with the fewest away defeats in a Brasileirão of consecutive points.

After all, as there are only three games to go, the only way for this not to happen is if Palmeiras is defeated in all of them. If you lose two, you will match Fluminense’s feat in 2012.

If he maintains his invincibility, he will have the record and will also reach the historic feat of going through the Brasileirão without losing away from home.

Palmeiras next games

To achieve the unprecedented feat of finishing undefeated as a visitor in the Brazilian Championship or to at least keep the record for the best away campaign, Palmeiras has three more challenges.

The first is against Athletico-PR, on October 25th. This game had everything to be the most difficult, as the confrontation is against a team that is looking for a place in the next Copa Libertadores and is still chasing the qualification for the group stage of the tournament.

However, the match is scheduled for the week of the final of this edition of the Copa Libertadores. In this way, the possibility of coach Felipão sending a totally reserve team for this confrontation is enormous. Scenario that leaves the way clear for Palmeiras to at least score.

On November 6th, Palmeiras will visit Cuiabá. Of all the three remaining appointments, this one can be considered the easiest. After all, the opponent is in the relegation zone and has only won 4 of the 15 home matches in the competition.

Cuiabá’s triumphs at home were against Corinthians, Botafogo, Juventude and América-MG. All teams that are well below Alviverde’s performance.

Finally, there is the commitment against Internacional, on November 13, closing the 2022 Brazilian Championship.

Without a doubt, this is the most difficult game, as Colorado is having a great campaign, with 10 wins, five draws and only one defeat against Beira-Rio.

It turns out that on the day of this game, it is very likely that Internacional will already be guaranteed in the group stage of the 2023 Copa Libertadores and possibly even with the 2nd place assured. Therefore, this can become a confrontation without much interest.

In this way, considering the last three commitments as a visitor, Palmeiras has a path that brings a real possibility of record and unprecedented feat.

The best visitor campaigns

The best visitor in the history of the Brazilian Championship in consecutive points with 20 clubs was Fluminense in 2012. Tricolor reached 39 points and suffered only two defeats, which gives an average of 68.4% of success.

The 2nd position belongs to Flamengo 2019. The club broke several records in that edition, but in this regard it hit the bar, adding 37 points. An average of 64.9% of points earned.

In addition to the duo from Rio de Janeiro, only São Paulo in 2007 also managed to score more than 60%, with 35 points.

Stodgy! Palmeiras can be the best visitor to the race points