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São Paulo is well tipped to win the 2022 Sudamericana

São Paulo is in the final of the 2022 Sudamericana and for the first time faces the Ecuadorian team Independiente del Valle, champion of the championship in 2019. The dispute between the clubs promises a lot of emotion and will take place on October 1, in Córdoba (Argentina) .

This is the moment that São Paulo has been waiting for so long to win another international title and reaffirm itself on the national scene. After all, the The club’s last title was in 2012. precisely in South America.

Coach Rogério Ceni declared that his stay at São Paulo depends on the club’s victory in this sporting event. Which makes sports betting even more interesting.

In São Paulo’s last game to guarantee a place in the final of the South American Championship, the team faced Atlético Goianiense in a very tight dispute and with the right to a turnaround on penalties by winning 4-2.

The result gave encouragement to fans who are betting on São Paulo as the winner of the 2022 Sudamericana Cup. what can we observe in the odds of the best bookmakers sports.

In the table below, you can see the odds for the match between São Paulo and Independiente del Valle on three online betting sites:

Final resultbetanusBetfairBet365
São Paulo1.871.751.75
A tie3.603.403.30
Independiente del Valle4.254.405.25

São Paulo is the favorite to win the 2022 Sudamericana championship and break the ten-year fast without international titles – thus demonstrating the bettors’ favoritism for the Brazilian club.

The same can be seen in other types of betting markets, such as “To win the cup”, in which the odds are in favor of São Paulo, with 1.44. Meanwhile, for the opponent, odds are 2.80.

It is interesting to analyze these and other betting markets available to check the odds and see which is the best option for you. In these two markets mentioned above, for example, one gives the chance to bet on a tie.

With this, the bettor has less risk and more chances of winning, as he bets on two of the three possible outcomes of the game.

Does São Paulo take it or not?

Despite São Paulo’s favoritism for the title of winner of the 2022 Sudamericana, it is not known for sure how the club’s confrontation against the Ecuadorians will be due to some reasons.

The first, as mentioned, is the fact that it is the first time the two teams face each other. That is, both teams do not know each other’s tactics closely. This will have to be seen by looking at the clubs’ performances in previous clashes alone.

As São Paulo has been for ten years without winning international championships, which is worrying. However, it can be a motivator – even more so after Rogério Ceni’s statement – ​​to win and relive the glory of winning the Sudamericana.

Last but not least, the difficulty of beating Atlético Goianiense to guarantee a place in the final it was big. Undoubtedly, it was a surprising game for São Paulo, but there are no guarantees of the same result at the end of the championship.

After all, Independiente del Valle is the champion of the 2019 Sudamericana. At the time, the club eliminated Corinthians in the semifinals and took away the chance of Colón, from Argentina, to be the winner of the sporting event.

Also, Independiente del Valle has a history of participation in the Copa Libertadores, not to mention that it is the current champion of the Ecuadorian Championship. Anyway, the scenario is uncertain and São Paulo has chances to do well in the final by winning the title.

And therefore, a club that has 53 titles in its historythree worldwide, nine continental, six national, 12 interstate and 23 state.

All about Sudamericana 2022

The final of the Sudamericana 2022 will be held in Argentina, in Córdoba, on October 1st, at the Estadio Mario Kempes. The confrontation starts at 17:00 (Brasília time).

Previously, the competition was scheduled to take place at Estádio Mané Garrincha, in Brasília (DF). However, due to the period of presidential elections, the event was relocated to Argentina.

The champion club of Sudamericana 2022 will receive, in addition to the cup, the $5 million prize, equivalent to R$ 25 million at current quotations. Meanwhile, the runner-up will win US$ 2 million, around R$ 10 million.

São Paulo is well tipped to win the 2022 Sudamericana