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Referees with the most cards in the Brasileirão 2022

The Brazilian Championship has many betting options and one of these is with player warnings.

That’s why we created this article with the referees who applied the most cards in the Brasileirão 2022. See how each referee behaves in the average of the matches and thus have an idea of ​​what to expect for the next rounds.

Referees with high card averages

In this Brasileirão, three referees have already surpassed the mark of 100 yellow cards in just over 20 refereed games. Such a number that makes you pay attention to bet on this market in the rounds of the Brazilian Championship.

Check out the names that most apply warnings in the competition and which matches were most marked in this regard.

It is worth mentioning that for this analysis only referees with at least 10 matches are considered, as many were used in just one or two rounds, which makes the average not so reliable to use in betting on the next matches.

Braulio da Silva Machado

Bráulio da Silva Machado is the one who appears as the most severe with the whistle in his mouth in this Brazilian Championship. He has already applied 139 yellow cards in just 24 games, which is an average of 5.89 per game.

The Santa Catarina native never left the field without handing out at least two cards. The duel that most calls attention was the classic Fortaleza x Ceará, when he yellowed nine times. Only in six other matches he gave at least seven warnings.

Luiz Flavio de Oliveira

Another name worth keeping an eye on is Luiz Flávio de Oliveira. The São Paulo player also never left the field without applying at least two yellow cards. In total there were 78 warnings in 14 games, with an average of 5.57 per game.

Of the matches refereed by Luiz Flávio de Oliveira, the most nervous was the classic Coritiba x Athletico-PR, when 10 yellow cards were distributed. Only in nine other games, he has given at least five warnings. Which makes it really a number that you can always look forward to with him on the pitch.

Whistleblowers with many cards

At least four more referees are marked for giving too many yellow cards in the Brazilian Championship. Two of them have distributed more than 100 so far, as well as Bráulio da Silva Machado.

The first is Ramon Abatti Abel, with 104 yellow cards in 24 games, which brings an average of 4.33 per game.

The other is Wilton Pereira Sampaio, with 101 yellow cards in 20 games. Which means 5.05 per match.

But two more names are very close to that. If you consider their average, they will pass 100 in the next round.

These are the cases of Raphael Claus and Bruno Arleu de Araujo. The first distributed 96 yellows in 21 games. Araujo applied the same number, but in just 19 matches. That means averages of 4.57 and 5.05.

A lot of cards with little game

Another name worth mentioning is Antonio Dib Moraes de Sousa. He only refereed one game, Goiás vs. Avai, but distributed an impressive 10 yellow cards. He is, therefore, the one with the highest average.

Less cards

On the other hand, some referees are marked in this edition for giving few yellow cards when analyzing the average. Again, we only considered those who refereed at least 10 games.

Of these, Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima is the one that draws the most attention, as he only gave 29 yellow cards in 11 games he refereed, which gives an average of 2.64 per game.

It is, therefore, the lowest number among all that have already been used in the Brazilian Championship. A curious detail is that in three matches he left the field without even giving a card.

Another name that stands out in this regard is Anderson Daronco. He even distributed 80 yellow cards in the competition, however, he did it in 23 games, which gives an average of just 3.48.

red cards

Another stat to keep an eye on is the red card. In this case, Braulio da Silva Machado ceases to be the protagonist. That’s because despite being the yellow champion, he doesn’t usually expel players. There were only four in 24 games, which is an average of just 0.17 per game.

In this matter, Luiz Flávio de Oliveira is the one who draws attention, as he applied eight red cards in 14 games. Which means that in every two matches, at least one player will be sent off with him on the pitch. Average similar to that of Salvio Pereira de Sampaio, who expelled five athletes in 10 games of the Brasileirão 2022.

Two more referees also bring high numbers. Raphael Claus applied nine red cards in 21 clashes and Ramon Abatti Abel, who sent off eight in 24 games.

bets on cards

With this information, you already know the expectation for the number of cards with a certain referee.

The next step is to access the bookmakers and make the guess. There you can find both the exact number of yellow cards that the match will have, and also bet on whether a certain amount will be exceeded or not.

In this case, when betting on “more than 2”, for example, the match must end with at least three. With the bet on “less than 3”, the game cannot have more than three cards.

As for the red card, you indicate whether or not you will have any expulsion during the match.

How referees are defined for the Brasileirão

The CBF defines the referees for the matches of each round on the eve of the games. This is done through a raffle among some previously selected names.

According to the performance of each referee, the Confederation may decide to remove him for several rounds or even not to use him for the Serie A draws of the Brazilian Championship.

Therefore, to bet on cards, check who will be drawn for each game.

Referees with the most cards in the Brasileirão 2022