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Meet the Brazilian teams with chances to compete in the Rio Major

E-Sports fans will see history unfold in Rio de Janeiro, from October 31st to November 13th, with the IEM Major Rio 2022. This is the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive World Championship (CS: GO) – the most played first-person shooter game today. It will be the first time that this competition will be played not only in Brazil, but also in South America.

The matches of the initial phases – Challengers Stage and the Legends Stage – will take place in Riocentro, in the West Zone of the city, while the Champions Stage (playoffs) goes to the Jeunesse Arena, located in the same region. About 100,000 people are expected at these locations to watch the games. The winning team will pocket the prize of US$ 1 million, which in today’s exchange rates is approximately R$ 5 million. You can also profit by giving your predictions at Major do Rio sports betting sites.

Teams participating in the IEM Major Rio 2022

The IEM Major Rio 2022 will have the participation of 24 teams from different locations around the world. But the teams are not yet qualified for the dispute. South America will have six representatives, who will be defined in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) between the 4th and 9th of October, in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. The other competitors will come from Europe and Asia.

Below, you will find the main Brazilian teams with good chances of doing well in the RMR and being present at the IEM Major Rio 2022.


Considered one of the biggest CS:GO teams, Fúria is a reference not only within Brazil, but also across the planet. Its trajectory in the virtual world of games began in 2017 and, since then, it has been attracting more and more fans.

Coached by coach Nicholas Nogueira (Guerri), Fúria has the following players: Andrei Piovezan (arT), Yuri Santos (yuurih), Kaike Cerato (KSCERATO), Rafael Costa (saffee) and André Abreu (drop).

At the moment, Fúria has three titles in its trophy gallery – all conquered two years ago. The achievements were: DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 North America, ESL Pro League Season 12 North America and EM New York 2020 North America.

The debut at RMR will be against Infinity from Costa Rica. Today, Fury has become more than a team, a major e-Sports brand, a fashion house in fact.


A year younger than Fúria, a Imperial, by star Gabriel Toledo, Fallen – one of the main players in the Counter-Strike scene today, opens his journey in Sweden facing the Argentines from Isurus.

Imperial’s players are, in addition to Fallen, Fernando Alvarenga (fer), Ricardo Prass (boltz), Vinícius Figueiredo (VINI), Marcelo Cespedes (chelo). Coach is Lincoln Lau (fnx). The first title of this team is quite recent, as it was won in 2022, by beating the French Falcons, in the OMEN WGR Challenge 2022.


It is safe to say that MIBR is the oldest e-Sports team in Brazil. It was launched in 2003, going until 2012. Years later, in 2016, the team returned with its activities. The person responsible for training this formation is Bruno Fukuda (BIT1), whose players are Matheus Anhaia (Tuurtle), Marcelo Cespedes (Chelo), Breno Poletto (brnz4n), Raphael Lacerda’s (exit) and, finally, Jhonatan Willian (Jota) .

In the first round of the Regional Major Ranking, MIBR will face a team called O Plano, also from Brazil. Maybe you haven’t heard about this team yet, as it is quite new, having been created on April 8 of this year.

During MIBR’s trajectory, it had several important results, but its first and only title so far was won in August 2018: the ZOTAC Cup Masters.

PaiN Gaming

PaiN Gaming, founded in 2010, already had Fallen in its roster, winning regional titles, such as BGL Arena #3. This team also took part in the world championship. At the moment, its squad has the following formation: Denis Otavio (Geerty), Arthur Caldas (Caldas), Matheus Souza (Black00) and André Elias (DECO).

It is worth remembering that PaiN is the first Brazilian team to qualify for the RMR Americas. ARCTIC, from Spain, will be the first opponent of the Brazilian team.


Created recently, in 2021, also called ZeroZero Nation by some, 00Nation is a team with Brazilian and Norwegian administration. The squad is formed by Brazilians Marcelo David, the famous Coldzera, Epitácio Melo (TACO), Bruno Rebelatto (Iatto), Eduardo Wolkmer (dumau), in addition to the Argentine Santiago Rigal (try). The coach is the Brazilian Olanvo Napoleao (cky).

In July of this year, 00Nation managed to climb the rankings, reaching 19th place – their best so far. In Sweden, the first opponent will be 9Z Team, from Argentina.

Regional Major Ranking first round

  • FURIA x Infinity
  • Imperial x Isurus
  • Team Liquid vs Team oNe
  • PaiN Gaming vs ARCTIC
  • Complexity x ATK
  • MIBR x The Plan
  • Squirtle Squad vs Evil Geniuses
  • 00 Nation x 9z Team

How to place sports bets on e-sports?

To make your predictions on CS:GO, the path to follow is exactly the same as it is for sports betting on the most common sports, such as football and basketball, for example. First of all, you need to register with a bookmaker. Currently, in Brazil, the main operators, such as Betano, Betway, Bet365, among others, offer e-Sports in their catalogs. It is extremely common!

When it’s time to make your investments, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. The betting market is full and varied, just like in other sports.

You can bet which team will come out on top or whether there will be a tie in the moneyline (final result or 1 x 2), the amount of bombs that will be launched by the players, which will be the first death of the match, total maps or rounds (Over/Under), total frags – which are the deaths.

Meet the Brazilian teams with chances to compete in the Rio Major