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Fierce! How is the dispute for the artillery of the Brasileirão

The Brasileirão 2022 is in its final stretch and there are only a few games left for us to discover the champion (which should be Palmeiras), the Libertadores teams, the next Copa Sudamericana and those who will be relegated to Série B in 2023.

The expectation only increases and for some players, the last few weeks are even more important, after all, they are disputing the top scorer award in the Brazilian Championship round by round.

Not only important for those in contention, the fight for artillery is also very important for bettors. This market is super popular in major competitions such as the World Cup, Champions League and Premier League, and is starting to gain more and more guesses here in the Brasileirão.

With the fight for the top scorer award in the Brazilian Championship fierce, the odds have risen a lot, and although we are close to finding out who will win this dispute, it is still worth taking a guess and staying in the crowd to do well. Next, check out how this dispute is going and the advantages of each of the competitors.

the competitors

Let’s start by separating competitors into groups. The first of them is the favorites and features the duo Germán Cano, from Fluminense, and Pedro Raul, from Goiás. Both are tied with 17 goals in the Brasileirão and are those with the most “safe” odds offered by betting markets like Betano, where we took the odds.

The Argentine from Fluminense has odds of 1.75 to win the Brasileirão golden boot, while the top scorer from Goiás appears at odds of 2.00 (you can understand this difference and we’ll talk about it later).

Then comes Jonathan Calleri, from São Paulo, with a much higher price, hitting the 18.00 mark. The Argentine also has 13 goals so far. The funny thing is that Bissoli, from Avai, has one more goal than the athlete from Tricolor and even so appears with a much higher odd: 40.00.

To close, two Brazilian football stars appear with a quote of 75.00, very unlikely to come true according to bookmakers. We are talking about Hulk, from Atlético-MG, who has 12 goals, and Gabigol, from Flamengo, who scored 11 times in the competition.

German Cano

Favorite to take the top scorer award in the Brasileirão, Germán Cano is even ahead of almost all other competitors.

And we’re not just talking about the number of goals scored, but the number of chances that Fluminense creates, giving the striker more chances to score.

With an average of 13 shots per match, Fluminense is the 5th team in this statistic in the Footstats ranking.

Individually, it is Cano who leads the ranking of the most accurate shots (which go on goal) in this edition of the Brazilian Championship. Fluminense’s attack also helps. Diniz’s team is 3rd in goals scored in the Brasileirão, which shows that the sector has been very effective.

The table is even interesting for Fluminense. From now until the end of the competition, Tricolor will face, among others, Goiás, Ceará, Avai and Red Bull Bragantino, teams that statistically give their opponents many submissions per match.

Peter Raul

If there’s anyone who can debunk Cano’s favoritism, it’s Pedro Raul, a goal machine in this championship.

The candidate for top scorer in the Brasileirão scored 17 of Goiás’ 33 goals, that is, more than half of the balls in the net came from the striker’s feet. Is there any way to doubt someone who lives such an enlightened moment?

Pedro Raul is super dangerous and knows very well how to threaten the opposing goal. In the Brasileirão, among the leaders in the ranking of submissions, he is the one with the best performance: 55% of submissions in the goal of his opponents.

If Goiás is not doing well, that’s okay, because the number 11 doesn’t need many chances to solve it.

Luckily for the scorer, the backboard helped. Goiás faces Corinthians and Athletico-PR at times when the clubs will be looking at other competitions, and also teams with defenses that are not doing well, such as Juventude and Cuiabá, which could be decisive to give Pedro Raul an advantage in the fight by artillery.


The quote for Bissoli to become the next top scorer in the Brasileirão seems to be a little unbalanced. Yes, the mission of the Avai striker is difficult, responsible for half of the club’s goals in the competition (14 out of 28), but he has already reached the final stretch in the dispute with Pedro Raul and Cano, so it doesn’t cost anything to dream.

What makes Bissoli at a disadvantage is Avai’s low offensive production, which is reflected in the striker’s numbers.

The average number of finishes per game is just 1.89, far behind Cano (2.81) and Pedro Raul (2.53). This raises the bar for him to be accurate and that’s not what the stats show.

There are only 25 correct finishes in the Brasileirão, which, on the one hand, shows how he is having a good moment, but is this enough for the top scorer of the club from Santa Catarina to take the difference of three goals for the duo that still plays with less pressure?

While Flu and Goiás are calm, it should be noted that Avai fights not to be relegated.

Calleri, Gabigol and Hulk

It is very unlikely that Calleri, Hulk or Gabigol will be top scorers in the Brasileirão 2022, and a bet on any of them is quite risky.

To achieve the feat of overcoming Cano and Pedro Raul, the trio would have to have a lit final stretch, greatly increasing the average of goals per game and still hope that the duo that is in the lead plays poorly.

Gabigol, by the way, should not even act much more for the Brasileirão. In October, he plays in the two finals of the Copa do Brasil and the Libertadores decision, so he should be rested a few times in the championship.

Hulk and Calleri are on teams that experience moments of oscillation, which complicates the life of the attackers too much to seek that individual award.

Fierce! How is the dispute for the artillery of the Brasileirão