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Copa Sudamericana 2022: The best bets for the final

On October 1st, the city of Córdoba, Argentina, will stop to host the grand final of the Copa Sudamericana 2022. On one side, São Paulo, one of the most traditional teams in the world. On the other, Independiente del Valle, which has been consolidating itself through good campaigns in recent seasons.

The ball rolls at 5 pm, Brasilia time, at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium, where Talleres plays its games. It is worth mentioning that it is a single confrontation, so whoever wins will have the title.

And speaking of achievement, both teams are looking for second place in the competition. Tricolor took it just 10 years ago, when they beat Tigre, from Argentina, 2-0 in the final in 2012. The Ecuadorians won the Sudamericana in 2019, beating Colón, also from Argentina, by 3-1.

Therefore, whoever wins will join Independiente, Athletico Paranaense and Boca Juniors as the biggest winners of the Copa Sudamericana.

The Team Campaign

To get here, the teams went through different group stages, as each one was in a competition. In addition, the knockout came in sequence, in the round trip format.

São Paulo

São Paulo was in Group D of the Sul-Americana, alongside Everton, from Chile; Ayacucho, from Peru; and Jorge Wilstermann, from Bolivia. Tricolor used an alternative team throughout the first phase, and even so, it remained, adding 16 points and leading the group after five wins and a draw, scoring 12 and conceding three goals.

In the round of 16, they faced Universidad Católica and started to use maximum strength. Even away, in a game full of expulsions, they won by 4 to 2 in the first leg. Then, in a crowded Morumbi, ran over by 4 to 1, advancing without scares.

In the quarterfinals, the opponent was Ceará, the best team in Sul-Americana until then. Tricolor won 1-0 at home and lost 2-1 away.

For the semifinal another Brazilian opponent, Atlético Goianiense. The first leg was away from home, playing the whole time with one less, after the expulsion of Igor Gomes, and losing by 3-1.

However, on the way back, Tricolor asserted its command of the field and won by 2-0, a score it needed for penalties. In the charges, he won once again and secured his place in the big decision.

Independiente del Valle

Independiente del Valle was in the Copa Libertadores. In a group with Atlético Mineiro, Tolima and América Mineiro, they finished in third place with eight points, after winning, losing and drawing twice, scoring nine and conceding seven goals.

In this way, he ended up going to the Copa Sudamericana, entering the round of 16. Facing Lanús, from Argentina, they won at home by 2-1 and held the goalless equality on the return. In the next phase, the quarterfinals, they played against Deportivo Táchira, from Venezuela, and won 1-0 away and 4-1 at home, passing without scares. In the semifinal, the opponent was Melgar, being overcome with two results by 3 to 0.

How do they arrive at the decision?

São Paulo comes from an elimination in the Copa do Brasil against Flamengo, but the result was already expected. Even reaching the semifinals of the competition exceeded expectations. In addition, it competes in the Brazilian Championship, occupying the 13th position. Even far from what was expected, the moment is good, without losing for three games and with a lot of support from their fans.

Therefore, the Copa Sudamericana title defines whether the Tricolor season can be seen as good or bad. In addition, it must also define whether or not Commander Rogério Ceni will remain on the team in 2023.

On the other hand, Independiente del Valle competes in the Ecuador Cup, in a group system. The team leads the group with nine points, after three wins and one loss. In addition, it is second in the league, the Ecuadorian Championship, with 20 points.

Thinking about the South American, the club has 10 free days to work, postponing its commitments for the two competitions.

Which player can decide?

A final is often marked by a bid, immortalizing a player in the history of conquest. This athlete can be the star of the team or even someone less talked about, but the tendency is for the stars to call responsibility.

Touch the Calleri that is a goal?

São Paulo fans already have the right song for striker Jonathan Calleri, who has the dream of becoming an idol at the club. The player is the top scorer of the season, being the reference in command of attack and one of the leaders of the squad.

In his second spell at Morumbi, Calleri has yet to win any title, which is the striker’s obsession, as shown in interviews. So far, the player has already scored 21 goals and contributed 10 assists in the season and now he will have the chance to be champion for Tricolor precisely in his country.

Del Valle bets on Sornoza

The number 10 of Independiente del Valle is a well-known player in Brazilian football. This is Júnior Sornoza, who played for two seasons at Fluminense and one at Corinthians. For the Ecuadorian team this year, he has 36 games, scoring 13 goals and contributing seven assists.

He is the player in charge of creating chances for the Ecuadorians, organizing the counterattacks and also being the man with the dead ball. The midfielder is the main name to decide in the Copa Sudamericana final for del Valle.

Odds for the decision

The world of sports betting moves towards betting on the final of the Copa Sudamericana between São Paulo and Independiente del Valle, and it is already possible to make entries in the match.

The most traditional is the final result, with odds @1.83 for Tricolor’s triumph, @3.25 for a draw and @5.00 for the Ecuadorians. In the double possibility, we have São Paulo or a tie with @1.16; draw or del Valle @1.83; Tricolor or Ecuadorians with odds @1.33.

It is important to point out that all these options are for the 90 minutes, excluding a possible extension. Taking everything into account, São Paulo champions are priced at @1.36 against @3.00 for Independiente del Valle to keep the title.

goal market

The goal is the maximum moment in football and there are several options for betting on it. It is even possible to bet on goals counting only one of the teams, both, divided by time or during the whole game.

In the first half, bookmakers offer odds @1.44 to score at least one goal, no matter who scores. The 0-0 in the first stage has odds @2.62. In the same vein, to score at least two goals in the first 45 minutes the odds are @3.25, against @1.33 for no more than one.

Counting only the second stage, the quote is @1.28 to have at least one goal and @3.50 for the nets not to swing in the final 45 minutes. Above one goal the odds are @2.25 and up to one goal @1.57.

For the whole game, the options are diverse. We divided the main entries into goals per team and adding the two teams, check below.

São PauloindependentBoth
Over 0.5 goals@1.20@1.61@1.07
Under 0.5 goals@4.33@2.20@9.00
Over 1.5 goals@2.00@4.33@1.36
Under 1.5 goals@1.72@1.20@3.00
Over 2.5 goals@4.33@15.00@2.15
Under 2.5 goals@1.20@1.03@1.66
Over 3.5 goals@11.00@41.00@3.75
Under 3.5 goals@1.05@1,004@1.25

It is always worth mentioning that these are the current odds for the 90 minutes. It is also possible to make entries in the same markets during the game, with the quotes being readjusted.

handicap market

The handicap market is used by ordinary and professional bettors. Through it, it is possible to attribute an advantage or disadvantage to one of the teams, improving their victory conditions or odds values.

There is a positive and negative handicap. In the first, the chosen team will have the added handicap at the end of the match. For example, the +0.5 option adds 0.5 goals, so if the game ends in a tie, you win. In the opposite example, -0.5, it is necessary that the chosen team wins the duel, since half a goal will be removed.

In addition, there are integer handicaps, + or – 1, 2, 3 and so on. After applying it, if the game is tied, the bet is void. For example, when using the +1 handicap on Team B, and Team B loses by one goal.

Following this line we have some interesting options for the Copa Sudamericana decision. São Paulo has a +0.5 handicap with odds @1.18, which allows Tricolor to tie the game. Furthermore, the 0.0 handicap is priced at @1.30 and voids your bet if the result is a draw.

In the negative handicap, -0.5 is quoted @1.52 and -1.0 @2.44. It is worth noting that in the first option a simple victory is required, in the second by two goals difference.

On the side of Independiente del Valle, -0.5 has odds @4.65 and the handicap 0.0 @3.45, which allows you to cancel the bet with a draw. +0.5 is quoted @2.42, allowing for equality. At +1.0, with odds @1.52, the stake is returned if the Ecuadorians lose by one goal difference.

special bets

Another popular option at bookmakers are special entries, with some combinations. For example, it is possible to bet on a final result and whether the teams score or not.

Victory for São Paulo with both teams scoring has odds @4.50, against @10.00 for Independiente del Valle in the same situation. A tie with goals from both sides is priced at @4.75. In the opposite scenario, triumph of Tricolor and both do not score @2.75, against @8.00 for the Ecuadorians to win in the same situation.

One more possibility is to nail who wins and the method of victory. In these situations the odds are as follows:

São Pauloindependent
regulation match@1.83@5.00
Penalty shootout@10.00@11.00

Best betting options

Based on the two teams and the betting options with odds, we can arrive at some very interesting options, varying according to the profile of each bettor.

For those looking for more security, the option above 1.5 goals in the match is very interesting and should occur, since it is a single game and the tendency is that after the first goal, the team that is behind will go for all or nothing. In the same vein, above 0.5 goals in the second half is also a good option.

For bettors who like the medium risk, the victory of São Paulo is an interesting entry. The Brazilian team is the favorite and, even with the game not being easy, it has everything to confirm this on the field.

Now, for those who prefer to risk higher odds, even with lower odds, we have two interesting options. São Paulo to win with both scoring goals is @4.50, making it very interesting. In the same vein, Over 2.5 goals per match is a recommended entry for the more aggressive bettors.

How to bet?

To bet on the Copa Sudamericana final or any other event is very simple. You just need to be of legal age and create an account at a bookmaker that works within the law, respecting all the rules with active licenses and regulations.

With the account created, just paste the balance, with methods that vary according to each chosen company, but usually slips, transfers, pix, cards and much more are available. After having your wallet full, analyze the games well, confirm your entry and just hope. Always bet with great responsibility.

Copa Sudamericana 2022: The best bets for the final