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Champions League 2022/2023: Complete Guide

started to Champions League 2022/23another season of the biggest club championship in the world.

One of the most beloved competitions for bettors, the Champions League is always a tournament with some surprises and offers many possibilities for predictions in each round.

Spain, Italy, England and Germany have been dominating the competition in recent years, with PSG joining in with ever-improving campaigns. This does not take away from the zebras, who are appearing a lot in the knockout phase.

This season, specifically, promises a lot for bettors because of some teams. Below, let’s meet them.

Champions League title favorites

Without wasting too much time, let’s start talking about betting, mainly on the futures markets.

Even before knowing what the competition groups will be, it is already possible to give your guess on who you think will be the champion at the end of the season, in May. Below, see the top teams in the betting markets and why they are so strong!

All odds below refer to the moment the story was produced and may change throughout the season

Manchester City – Odd 3.25

O City the team with the most chances of being champion of the Champions League 2022/23 in the bookmakers is fired. The team has been hitting the post for almost a decade and the obsession for the cup only grows.

Last season, the team came close to the decision, but fell to Real Madrid in the semi-final in an incredible comeback. The positive side is that the base that went far remains.

And it still has the addition of a piece that makes the team MUCH stronger: Erling Haaland, a 22-year-old striker who has been one of Europe’s top scorers for at least three years.

With him, City are even more competitive. Just see if all the pressure for the title won’t get in the way of Guardiola and his charges down the road.

PSG – Odd 5.50

After the turbulence of the pre-season and the first weeks of 2022/23, the Paris Saint-Germain seems to be getting back on track.

Neymar stayed at the club – and is playing a barbarism –, as well as Mbappé, who seems to have understood that he will not be king of the block in an environment full of consecrated stars. With Messi, PSG’s attacking trio is insane and has everything to take the team to the title.

One of the problems of the French is the weakness in the midfield, so much so that the team’s three most expensive signings in pre-season were midfielders (Fabián Ruiz, Carlos Soler and Vitinha).

If PSG gains consistency in this sector, the team will have more chances to make its offensive field shine and, consequently, be very close to lifting the cup at the end.

Bayern Munich – Odd 7.00

O Bayern Munchen it’s Bayern Munich and that’s it! No matter who arrives or who leaves each season, the Bavarians are always very strong.

Lewandowski left, but Mané arrived and has been playing a lot in Germany. The defense has suffered some casualties, now it has the young de Ligt.

Despite this, the team is much less rated than Manchester City, perhaps due to the factor of having lost a striker and not having replaced one at the height.

Anyway, it is not possible to say that the team runs on the outside, and it is possible to consider Bayern as one of the great favorites of the season.

Liverpool and Real Madrid – Odds 9.00 and 10.00

The last Champions League finalists are very unlikely to win the current edition. How can we explain this?

O Liverpool started the season badly in England. It doesn’t seem that Mané’s departure is the only fault, the team doesn’t seem to have found itself until now (something very strange for a cast that has been together for so long).

It should be a matter of weeks before things get back to normal, but there’s a risk that 2022/23 won’t be good for the Reds.

already the Real Madrid, was not favorite for the title last year and it is natural that it is not now. The team already had some squad limitations, even with a very strong starting lineup.

Now, without Casemiro, he may have lost a defensive pillar that is impossible to replace in the short term. Still, you can’t doubt who has proven to be implacable when it comes to deciding.

gunner’s market

This is another really cool futures market to bet on the 2022/23 Champions League. As it was last season, Lewandowski and Haaland are the main candidates to finish with the individual prize of the competition.

The Manchester City striker appears at odds of 2.75, while the Polish player from Barcelona appears at odds of 3.50.

Next we have Kylian Mbappé, from PSG, with odds of 5.50. These are the top three favorites, while the rest of the list are running out. They are: Benzema (15.00), Messi (21.00) and Neymar (21.00).

Last season, Real Madrid’s number 9 took the top scorer award by scoring 15 goals, two ahead of Lewandowski. Already in 2020/21, the top scorer trophy was Haaland.

Where to watch the Champions League live

This season, some bookmakers broadcast Champions League qualifying matches, but what we can expect is that again none of them will be entitled to continue with this from the group stage to the final.

If something changes along the way and someone gets the right from UEFA to broadcast it, we can say that it won’t be free.

A rule that bookmakers use in large competitions to free access to streamings is to bet a minimum amount on the match you want to watch.

Another very common mechanic is to require the bettor to have an active account balance (not just a bonus account, for example).

To watch all the 2022/23 Champions League games, you must subscribe to HBO Max, Warner Bros.

On open TV, SBT broadcasts one game per week, while on closed TV, TNT and Space show some clashes on the two days of the round (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Champions League 2022/23 betting tips

As we said at the beginning, the Champions League is a competition that allows for a variety of bets. We’ve already gone through the main ones in the long term, and now it’s time to give you tips on how you can bet on each new game in the competition.

Final Result/1×2

This is the most popular betting market in the world and the Champions League is also among the favorites of bettors.

It’s important to know when it’s good to take a risk on it and when it’s better to look for others to try to make a bigger profit.

If you don’t know yet, in this market you bet on whether the home team will win, whether the match will end in a draw or whether the away team will win. You don’t have to settle the score.

Avoid betting on this market on games with predictable results, as the possible return is very low.

It’s only worth thinking about betting on the match result market in well-defined games, if the bettor gets some promotion with increased odds, for example.

The more balanced the match is, the greater the returns in case of a hit, but the harder it is to hit the result.

Keep an eye

Last season, 56 times the home team won a match (45%). The visitors were victorious in 42 clashes (34%). Finally, only 26 duels (21%) ended in a draw.

Goal Market

Also known as “Total”, in this market the bettor guesses at the goals of the match, but it is not necessary to hit the correct score or the exact amount of goals in the duel. Instead, the bet is whether the match will have more or less goals than “X”.

This is one of the best options to escape the 1v2 market, especially in well-balanced games where getting the result right is quite complicated. However, you can also take advantage of it in those very unbalanced games.

Market options are always broken numbers like 0.5, 1.5, 2.5. When we talk about the over 1.5 market, for example, any result in which adding the goals of the two teams arrives at a number greater than two, the bet is won. That is: 1×1, 2×0, 2×1, 3×1. There were more than two goals in the match, regardless of who scored, you won!

Keep an eye

Last season in the Champions League, 71 matches (57%) ended with three or more goals scored (over/over 2.5), while 54 ended with up to two goals (under/under 2.5).

In addition, the result that was repeated the most throughout the competition was 2×0.

Both teams to score

Unlike South American football, in Europe it is much more common to see both teams scoring in the same match, which is why the average number of goals in the main national championships and in the Champions League are much higher than in Libertadores and Brasileirão, for example. .

This makes the market for both teams to score a very positive one to bet on. It is important to make a good assessment of the teams involved in the match, how are their attacks and defenses and who is playing (this avoids falling into traps).

Keep an eye

In group stage matches the percentage of matches that end with both teams scoring is higher than in knockout matches.

As of the 2021/22 Champions League group stage, 125 games have been played, 72 of which had “Yes” in both teams scoring and 53 ended with “No”.

more tips

Bet on match scorers markets

Mohamed Salah, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappé, Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski and many more. There are many great strikers in the world who are playing in this edition of the European Champions League.

Their chances of scoring goals, especially in the first phase matches, are always high. Take advantage of the games to predict that they will score at some point in the match.

The main bookmakers offer this type of market and it is great, especially for bettors who like to use those betting mechanisms.

Take advantage of live markets opportunities

The first phase of the Champions League tends to have more predictable games, but there are always those matches worthy of knockout matches. Whether now or in “let’s see” time, take the opportunity to find betting opportunities in the live markets.

In addition to traditional options (those available before the ball rolls), you have access to a number of different markets.

They are very good, as they can make you a profit quickly, in addition to allowing a more accurate guess since the bettor is following what is happening on the field in real time. Keep an eye on this and don’t rule out giving cash out when a good opportunity presents itself.

Conclusion: Why betting on the Champions League is a good thing?

As the biggest club championship in the world, the Champions League always brings games with interesting odds to bet on, in addition to offering a lot more options for betting markets.

On the biggest sites, these clashes are the ones that often get special odds, getting even bigger for the bettor.

In addition to the predictions for each round, a super interesting thing is the long-term markets. The sooner you bet on them, the higher the odds. Taking advantage of the beginning of the season to give some hints can make you a high profit in a few months.

Remember to always bet safely. Do not turn sports betting leisure into something serious that could harm your health (mental and financial).

Also, it is worth remembering that this betting market in Brazil is 100% legal, so just find a reliable bookmaker, create your account and have fun betting on the 2022/23 season of the Champions League.

Champions League 2022/2023: Complete Guide