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Brasileirão 2022: Which teams will finish in the G6?

The Brazilian Championship reaches the 27th round with some clubs consolidated within the G6. In addition to Palmeiras, at least three more teams must remain in the classification zone for the Copa Libertadores group stage. A situation that leaves few teams in the fight for the remaining places in this final stretch of the Brasileirão.

direct vacancies

The Brazilian Championship starts by offering the top six, the famous G6, a place in the Copa Libertadores, with four going straight to the group stage and two to the pre-elimination stage.

However, it is common for teams that are among the top 6 to win direct places through other means, such as winning the Libertadores title, the Copa Sudamericana or the Copa do Brasil.

In 2022, due to the Copa Libertadores and Copa do Brasil finals, there is a great possibility that all the top six teams will qualify directly for the group stage.

More guaranteed teams

The G6 has Palmeiras as the most guaranteed club. There are 17 points of advantage and a performance far superior to rivals. That is why it is not even possible to bet on Alviverde at bookmakers – the classification is taken for granted.

Fluminense, Flamengo and Internacional also appear close to the vacancies due to the great performance of the teams in this 2nd round. This way they are all priced at less than 1.04.

Tricolor and Colorado are very likely to finish in the G6, as they opened eight and nine points, respectively, from the 7th place.

Rubro-negro already brings this status due to the good phase. Flamengo has only been defeated in one of its last 20 matches. It remains to be seen whether the club from Rio will be able to maintain this good performance even using reserves in the final rounds. Even so, it is worth noting that Dorival Júnior’s team has five points off within the G6.

Dispute for the G6

Three other clubs appear further back and dispute in theory the two remaining places. Therefore, the trio can still beat Flamengo and even Internacional and Fluminense, if these teams have a drop in performance at the end.

Of these clubs, Atlético-MG is the most highly rated, with odds of 1.36. Alvinegro appears in this situation especially due to the quality of the squad, which was champion last season.

That’s because on the field the Rooster has left something to be desired. It won only one victory in the last five rounds and if it does not improve its performance, it has a great chance of being left out of the G6.

Already if it evolves, Atlético-MG should have a clash especially with Athletico-PR, which has four points more. Hurricane fluctuates in the competition and should focus on the Copa Libertadores decision. That is why the classification of the red-black team from Paraná is quoted at 1.66.

This group is completed by Corinthians. The São Paulo team is one more that is focused on another competition, as it decides the Copa do Brasil. This could weigh on the cast in this final stretch. Alvinegro gives 1.34 if it remains in the classification zone.

clubs in the fight

Less popular at the beginning of the dispute, América-MG and Goiás are other options in the fight for the G6 of the Brazilian Championship.

The club from Minas Gerais appears with more conditions, even due to the successful experience in the last edition, when it took a place in the Pre-Libertadores. But to be among the top six, you have to take five points from Athletico-PR and overcome rival Atlético-MG. If successful, it yields 15.00 to 1.00.

Esmeraldino, on the other hand, has been packed without losing for six matches and therefore cannot be discarded at the moment. The difference for the G6 is seven points and the feat of Goiás is quoted at 34.00

strong teams down

The Brazilian Championship still has strong clubs that started with the expectation of fighting for the G6, but that are not delivering income for that.

One of these cases is Red Bull Bragantino, which even with the heavy investment appears in 12th position, with 10 points less than Athletico-PR. To make matters worse, the club has not won for seven matches, which makes the mission far away. Bookmakers follow this and leave the team quoted at 15.00.

Fortaleza, on the other hand, has won five consecutive victories in the Brazilian Championship, but now lives a fast of three matches without winning. This left the club from Ceará far from the fray. That’s 13 points to take in a few games. In this way, the team brings odds of 51.00.

Another team that is far away is São Paulo, quoted at 17.00 to 1.00. In addition to appearing 10 points behind the G6, Tricolor has already indicated that the Brasileirão is not a priority. In fact, the club has a chance of qualifying directly for the Copa Libertadores if it wins the Copa Sudamericana title. This dispute should be the focus of Rogerio Ceni’s team and that’s why it’s one less team in this fight via the Brazilian Championship.

run outside

Two more teams appear with chances, but run outside. Both Santos, quoted at 26.00, and Botafogo, with odds of 67.00, are very far from the G6 and have an unstable performance.

Peixe even comes from three straight defeats, therefore, getting further and further away from the dispute. To try to qualify, the club would need to take a 10-point difference in just 11 rounds.

The distance is the same for Botafogo, which is not going through such a bad phase as the Vila club, but it also does not indicate such a great recovery capacity.

In this way, the greatest expectation is that Santos and Botafogo will compete for the two extra places that should open after the results of the Copa do Brasil and Copa Libertadores.

Any other would be an even bigger underdog, priced at over 101.00 to 1.00

Latest seasons

In the last five Brazilian Championships the cut-off date has been close to 56 points. There were two editions in which the sixth place ended exactly with this score.

The season in which those who closed the G6 performed much better was in 2019, when São Paulo reached 63 points.

A performance that puts pressure on those who are not in the top six positions at the moment. After all, Atlético-MG, which is in 7th place, and anyone else that is below in the standings, would have to win at least seven of the next 11 rounds.

Brasileirão 2022: Which teams will finish in the G6?