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Best bets on the Women’s Libertadores 2022

The Copa Libertadores is the most important competition in the South American football calendar, and this also includes the women’s modality, which has a different format from the men’s, played in a short shot.

Headquartered in Ecuador, the competition will be played from October 13 to 28, bringing together 16 teams. The following countries are represented in 2022: Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Paraguay and Bolivia.

Participating teams and distribution of groups

For Brazil we have Corinthians, current champion of the Copa Libertadores, in addition to Palmeiras, second in the Brazilian Championship and Ferroviária, third in the Brasileirão.

The good news is that the three clubs are in different groups, so they will not face each other in the first phase. Check the distribution of keys:

A group

Always Ready – 2022 Bolivian Championship Champion

Corinthians – 2021 Women’s Libertadores Champion

Deportivo Cali – Runner-up of the 2022 Colombian Championship

Olimpia – 2022 Paraguayan Apertura Champion

Group B

Boca Juniors – 2021 Argentine Clausura Champion

Defensor Sporting – 2021 Uruguayan Championship Champion

Ferroviária – 3rd place in the 2021 Brazilian Championship

Club Ñañas – Champion of the 2022 Ecuadorian Championship

Group C

Independiente Del Valle – Runner-up of the 2022 Ecuadorian Championship

Libertad Limpeño – 2022 Paraguayan Clausura Champion

Palmeiras – Runner-up of the 2021 Brazilian Championship

Universidad de Chile – 2021 Caja Los Andes Championship Champion

Group D

Alianza Lima – 2022 Peruvian Championship Champion

América de Cali – 2022 Colombian Championship Champion

Deportivo Lara – 2022 Venezuelan Championship Champion

Santiago Morning – Runner-up of the 2021 Caja Los Andes Championship

dispute format

In the first phase, the teams face each other within their own group, in a single shift. After the three games, the top two from each bracket advance to the quarterfinals, with a pre-defined bracket.

Group A faces Group B, with the leader dueling with the second place. The winners face off in the semifinals. OC and D follow the same pattern, all in single play.

Therefore, it is possible to have Corinthians x Ferroviária in the quarterfinals or semifinals. On the other hand, Palmeiras can only face a Brazilian team in the grand final.

Brazil dominates competition: check out all the winners

Brazil is the biggest winner of the Women’s Copa Libertadores. There are 10 Brazilian titles, inclusive, the country comes from three titles in a row, two with Corinthians and one with Ferroviária.

Last year, with games in Paraguay, Timão beat Independiente Santa Fe, from Colombia, by 2-0 in the decision.

And speaking of Corinthians, the team is the biggest winner, alongside São José, with three titles each.

With two, Santos and Ferroviária appear. Already with an achievement, we have Audax, from Brazil, in addition to Colo-Colo (Chile), CS Limpeño (Paraguay) and Atlético Huila (Colombia).

Brazil was only left out of the final in one edition, in 2016, when CS Limpeño faced Estudiantes de Guarico (Venezuela) and won by 2-1.

It is important to highlight an asterisk in 2017, as the champion was Audax, in partnership with Corinthians. CONMEBOL recognizes both clubs as champions, so 2017 appears with two winners on the list.

Brazilians are the favorites for 2022

Historically, Brazil is a favorite and in 2022 it will be no different. The three clubs that will be representing the country appear as the main contenders for the title, far from any other opponents.


Corinthians leads the list of favorites, including arriving excited about the title of the Brazilian Championship recently, beating Internacional in the decision with record attendance.

Timão has big names, like the experienced players of the Brazilian national team, Érika and Tamires, but the former is injured.

On the other hand, the lateral continues to give a lot of consistency in the defensive system and even starts the offensive plays, with good descents to the attack.

In midfield, Gabi Portilho and Gabi Zanotti give the quality touch, so that up front Jaqueline Ribeiro and Adriana resolve.

Base team: Paty; Paulinha, Giovanna Campiolo, Tarciane and Tamires; Victoria Albuquerque, Gabi Portilho and Gabi Zanotti; Jaqueline, Adriana and Jennifer. Trainer: Arthur Elias.

palm trees

Runner-up of the Brazilian Championship in 2021, Verdão was a semi-finalist in 2022, falling to rival Corinthians.

However, Verdão has one of the best squads not only in the country, but in the entire continent, promising to seek its first title of Libertadores Femenina.

Among the highlights of Verdão, we have a name of weight in the midfield, composed of Júlia, Andressinha, Duda and Camila, varying some formations with Ary Borges.

In the attack, the striker of the Brazilian national team, Beatriz Zaneratto, always with the goal suit up to date.

Base team: Jully; Thais, Agustina, Bruna and Katrine; Julia, Andressinha, Camilinha (Ary Borges) and Duda; Bia Zaneratto and Carol Rodrigues (Byanca Brasil). Trainer: Hoffmann.


Champions of the Women’s Copa Libertadores in 2015 and 2020, Ferroviária took third place in the last edition and now promises to fight for the title once again. Despite being considered the third force, it has conditions to seek the title and has already shown it on the field.

Ferrinha’s big name is goalkeeper Luciana, always safe. In the midfield, the rotation is very interesting, and it is even difficult to mention who the main players are, since Roberta Batista rotates the squad a lot in the sector.

In attack, Aline Gomes, Laryh and Eudimilla promise a lot of speed and effectiveness to put the ball in the back of the net and guarantee the victories.

Base team: Luciana; Carol Tavares, Gessica, Yasmin Cosmann, Barrinha, Luana (Karina), Ingryd (Aline Milene) and Suzane (Fany Gauto); Aline Gomes, Laryh and Eudimilla. Coach: Roberta Batista

Odds for the bets

The Copa Libertadores Feminina shakes bookmakers, with options ranging from individual entries in each game or so-called future bets, choosing for example who will be the champion before the games even start.

In the championship market, the favorite is Corinthians, with odds @1.75. This means that by betting R$100.00 on Timão, the gross return, if the title is confirmed, will be R$175.00.

Second on the list of odds is Palmeiras, with @4.00. With this quote, betting the same amount the possible gross return is R$ 400.00.

Next comes Ferroviária, with super odds @7.50. Following the same line of simulation, the possible gross return is R$ 750.00.

After the Brazilian teams, the Colombian teams are the closest, even if distant. America de Cali pays @15.00 while Deportivo Cali is quoted @20.00. Then Boca Juniors from Argentina come up with @25.00.

On the list of quotes, the highest is for the super improbable title of Always Ready, from Bolivia. The team is quoted @1500.00, which means a gross return of R$1,500.00 with only R$1.00 wagered, or R$150,000.00 betting R$100.00.

Odds for teams to lead groups

An interesting market for Copa Libertadores Feminina betting is for who will be the leader in each group after the first three games. Check out the quotation of each team in this category, divided by groups:

A group

Corinthians – @1.15

Deportivo Cali – @6.00

Olympia – @15.00

Always Ready – @250.00

Group B

Rail – @1.35

Boca Juniors – @3.50

Defender Sporting – @18.00

Club Ñañas – @50.00

Group C

Palm trees – @1.25

Libertad Cleanño – @8.00

University of Chile – @8.00

Independiente Del Valle – @20.00

Group D

Cali America – @1.75

Alliance Lima – @4.00

Santiago Morning – @6.50

Deportivo Lara – @8.00

Keep an eye on the goals market!

The goals market is very interesting for those looking for tickets to the Copa Libertadores Feminina and, to show this, let’s go to the numbers in the last five editions.

In 2017, with just 22 games, there were 80 balls in the net, an average of 3.64 per game. A year later, in 2018, also with 22 appearances, there were 69 goals, resulting in an average of 3.14 per duel.

In 2019 the format changed, with 32 games. There were 131 goals, an average of 4.09 per game.

In 2020 there were 124 balls in the nets, an average of 3.88 per game. Already in the last edition, in 2021, there were 102 goals in 32 games, totaling 3.18 goals per match.

Therefore, totaling the last five editions of the Copa Libertadores Feminina, there were 506 goals in 140 matches, an average of 3.61 goals per match, very interesting numbers.

Best betting tips

It is important to emphasize that before placing any bet, it is essential to carry out analysis, in order to increase your probability of winning.

However, we can anticipate some very interesting situations facing the Copa Libertadores Feminina 2022.

The first of these, of course, is in the first phase. The three Brazilian teams are favorites, so betting that they will lead the group becomes very interesting, it is even possible to combine on the same ticket so that the three clubs are leaders, reaching odds @ 1.94.

The option per game also draws attention, betting on the victory of the Brazilians in each duel. As there is great favoritism, in many cases the quotation will be low in this market, so a good option is in HT, rooting for the Brazilian clubs to win the first half, consequently, improving the odds.

Thinking about the knockout stage, Palmeiras is the favorite until the final, no matter the opponent. On the other hand, Corinthians is the one who follows the same line, and Ferroviária only loses in favoritism in a possible semifinal scenario against Timão.

Finally, as already mentioned, the goals market is an interesting option for all games.

The cut-off score is 2.5, which must have varying ratings. As the average is above 3, whenever 2.5 has interesting odds for your profile, the bet will be valid.

When it is a confrontation between teams with very different levels, such as Corinthians x Always Ready, the one with more than 1.5 goals or even 2.5 HT, which is in the first half, also has value, since the expectation is of a rout .

How to bet on the Women’s Libertadores 2022?

The main bookmakers have the games of the Copa Libertadores Feminina, which facilitates the betting. Therefore, if you do not yet have an account created in a company in the segment, just be of legal age and register.

After that, just put balance in the way that best suits your profile, which can be by cards, pix, boleto and virtual wallets.

With the balance in mind, just analyze the clashes well and place your bets on the Copa Libertadores Feminina or any other competition you want, even in other sports.

It is worth noting that betting in Brazil over the internet is not illegal, as long as you choose a company that has all its licenses and regulations in place.

The country still does not have laws for physical betting, but it has released online betting since the end of 2018, so everyone who is of legal age can enjoy sports betting over the internet without breaking the law.

How to watch follow the games?

The bookmakers themselves provide virtual maps that make it possible to follow the games in real time, with information that contributes to analyzes aimed at live betting, or just for those looking to follow the outcome of their pre-game entry.

However, good news for Brazilians is that we will have broadcasts of the games, especially the matches with the teams that represent the country.

Thus, for 2022, the SporTV channel, which belongs to the Globo group, is the one with the broadcasting rights for the country, promising coverage of the matches between Corinthians, Ferroviária and Palmeiras.

In addition, there is the possibility of broadcasting the semifinal and final on open TV, in case Corinthians and Palmeiras make it there.

However, those who do not have SporTV and want to follow all the games will be able to enjoy PlutoTV, Paramount’s free streaming service, which will broadcast the clashes during the competition.

Quotation source: Betano

Best bets on the Women’s Libertadores 2022